Sunderland Point Conservation Society

Our Aims

1. To preserve the unique peace, tranquility, and spirituality of Sunderland Point.

2. To maintain and protect this unique environment.

3. To protect the abundance of bird life, wildlife and flora which exist both on and off our shore, particularly those species identified as being threatened or endangered.

4. To celebrate and continue to document the history of our village, to preserve our traditions and way of life and to share this in a variety of ways, including the website.

5. To preserve the status of SP as a Conservation Area / SSSI / RAMSAR and any architectural listing, ensuring that any developments or activities comply with the criteria stipulated by the governing bodies of each of the relevant agencies.

Our Beliefs

We are keen to preserve and protect the peace and tranquility of our wonderful village.

Visitors comment about the spirituality and other worldliness of Sunderland Point. The bird life is rich and diverse and many share our concerns as to how the ever greater visitor numbers and traffic across the Causeway has, and increasingly is, impacting this precious gem.



As a group we have no hidden agenda other than to protect Sunderland's environment, its unique place in the country and through that increase the rich environmental benefits. We aim to continue with what we have, if necessary, ‘preserve it in aspic’.


Sunderland Point is not a wild place, but has the appearance of wildness, it has been transformed into its present day by people and their business needs. These business needs no longer apply and its residents, who once made a living from here, do so no longer. We do not wish to change it further and are not interested in any financial benefit.



We are happy to share this place with a a wider public but sadly increased visitor numbers may damage the very environment we are trying to share! This is a dilemma.

This website is to celebrate the beauty and Heritage of our village. Look forward to stories and photographs of both the history and the beauty we experience daily.



If you agree with our aims and beliefs, why not become a Supporter of SPCS. As a Supporter, besides giving us your moral support, you will receive the odd email from us informing you of any recent events regarding the Point and its environment (naturally you can opt out of these communications if you wish).

Just click here to email us at spcs@sunderlandpoint.com by email with a subject of "Supporter". Please indicate that you have read our Privacy Policy (see here) and are happy with it. You can also say whether you would like to receive emails from us. We will then reply to your email (This is necessary for security)