Sunderland Point is unique, often described by visitors as a "spiritual" and "tranquil" space . An area which supports a rich variety of flora and fauna.

The Point has three different categorisations regarding its 'Environment'.

1. It is a Lancashire District Conservation Area

2. The whole shore surrounding us is an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest)

3. The West Shore is part of Morecambe Bay which is one of the UK's 175 Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar sites) https://rsis.ramsar.org/ris/863

With massive skies above, the river flowing beside us, the sea regularly surrounding us, we share our unique and extraordinary environment with all of the above.

The sky can be filled with thunderous clouds, rainbows and sunshine. However, at different times of the year, it is also regularly filled with birds: cormorants, curlews, ducks, egret, godwit, gulls, larks, oystercatchers, lapwing, sandpipers, starlings, swans, and many more. All of their various calls and songs echoing across the marsh, bringing joy and wonder.

We want it to stay that way. Increasing traffic crossing the Causeway, bringing visitors and their dogs, affect all the birds. For instance if they bring a drone, the birds are terrified, they mob together and dive bomb the drone as if it is a crow or other predator.

Over the land, in early summer songbirds ceaselessly build nests, feed their young and fill the air with their songs: blackbirds, robins, sparrows, tits, starlings, swallows, wagtails, wrens and many other garden birds. Alongside bees and butterflies the hum of summer in full swing.

We want it to stay that way. We encourage all the bees and butterflies by planting pollen rich plants in our gardens and aiming to keep them as bird-friendly as possible.

In early evening, a barn owl silently glides across the fields on their nightly tour hunting for their elusive prey. Later bats fly by, swooping and feeding as the sun goes down - small bats first then on to the bigger ones before night comes in. All silently hunting, with a background cacophony of roosting birds bedding down across the Lune.

We want it to stay that way. Any building work should be done with bats & owls in mind, making sure that no harm comes to them and proper surveys are carried out - first, before any building work starts.